Ed Kuhlman, auctioneer

Ed Kuhlman


Ed in action

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About Us

edknathanknhsw800.jpgOur family has been conducting auctions since 1981. We have sold almost every type of household, antique, estate, and fundraising auction.

We offer a complete range of auction services including set-up, clerking, cashiering, auctioneering, and clean-up. We are particularly known for our antique auctions and for our high-energy fundraising auctions. People enjoy coming to our auctions. If you are considering having an auction, please visit our Contact Us page to reach us.

Kuhlman tractorThis old tractor with the farmer and his son has been our logo since our first auction. (Click the image and the photo to enlarge.) As we head into the future it serves to remind us of our rural roots and the of the continuing importance of agriculture and the family as the base on which everything else is built.